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Canadian Orthodox Faith Academy Takes Initiative in Creating Unique Learning Experiences

The sincere hope of finding purpose in life is a common driving force behind human desire to achieve a higher level of education and experience in this life. As followers in the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto find themselves seeking both the aforementioned life qualifications, they are very blessed to have the opportunity of achieving a purer quality of education when they so choose to seek the study in the field of faith and theology. The greater Greek Orthodox community shares the opportunity to offer a greater level of education to aspiring students of religious studies by continually endeavoring to offer support to the academy of religion that is continually sponsored by the associated church congregations.

This academy provides a high level of pure, unhindered education (that is not tampered with by any outside institution that is not adhering to the fundamental precepts of the Greek Orthodox faith) that encourages learners to be the best representatives in any and all life situations of the tenants of Christian discipleship. This level of spiritual progression and learning is unfettered even though the academy receives the blessing of accreditation from a local university which supplies academic rapport and solutions to issues in learning.

Gathering together daily in a family-style gathering of ceremonious pleading with the Lord for strength and peace allows students of the academy (regardless of their individual sphere of studies) to feel a sense of camaraderie and drive as they seek the Lord’s guidance in all their matters of spiritual and academic consequence. THe unity found within the habitual reconnection with God that the students enables the students to anticipate their challenges with a sense of peace and gratitude for the opportunity to learn and grow together. Finding guidance from their personal communions with their Father in Heaven provides the peace required to attend to their daily duties of study and practice. These someday-parish-leaders feel keenly that the future of parishioners rests upon their heads and depends largely upon the level of dedication that they as students give now to their studies and to their developing relationship with their Father in Heaven.

As leaders in spirit are always presented with questions and trials of faith that can change the course of the progress of their entire parish and also the spiritual salvation of individual parishioners, these students feel keenly that every moment needs to be used in their studies to prepare for times that are filled with sorrow and insecurity. As their leaders at the academy seek to prepare their students with the tools and perspectives necessary to handle the unexpected problems of a great deal of needy individuals, a certain knowledge that there is no ideal amount of schooling that can truly supply their students with the perfect experience that will enable them to handle everything with flawless execution. Therefore, the suggestion of a never ending communion and daily pleading with God the Father is the best assurance of being able to seek and find revelation at any given time that it is needed to bless and heal another person.

Endeavoring to enlighten the parish as a whole is generally what Sunday sermons are supposed to do. But, further education is required to have the tactful and tender ability to recognize and fulfill the needs of individual and hopeful members of a parish. Seeking the abundant aid of the holy spirit will allow young students of the academy to know exactly how to seek help and certain direction from heaven so members of the congregation can be served individually and in their unique circumstances. Additional growth and self satisfaction will fill the hearts of the faithful students as they seek to serve others continually.