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Canadian Church Creates New Opportunities to Develop Faith By Providing Catechism Online

The jubilant feeling of being a participating member of an internationally interconnected faith continues to radiate within the lives of faithful parishioners in Canada who make the study of the precepts and commandments given within the Greek Orthodox Catechism a lifetime priority. Even when someone finds themselves freshly discovering the principles of religion, the published collection of values and virtues within the Catechism provides the new believer a stronger foundation upon which can a new life be founded.

The ideals and beliefs emphasized in the church of the Greek Orthodox faith have been standardized so as to be easily accessible and very functional in the application of bringing a faith focused approach into any struggle in everyday life. Finding a belief set that focuses on the daily self improvement of both believers and in helping non-believers reach a more glorious potential is a gift that is offered when people seek the compassion and ready aid of the Greek Orthodox church. Because the catechism is a somewhat new compilation of doctrine (“new” relative to the founding of the Greek Orthodox church many centuries ago), it provides a chance for anyone to easily access the holy principles of the faith to refresh themselves without necessarily having to seek the direction of a church leader.

Working with the Catechism allows religious learners to understand better how to apply doctrine to their individual situations and to understand their position before God as is shared according to the main beliefs of the head church in Greece. Concepts of redemption and baptism are a quick balm of relief for a soul under the weight of sin. Throughout the catechism, members can learn better the purposes of the Holy Spirit and its guiding influence in helping God the Father direct His children who have put themselves in positions of humility as they eagerly seek change. Also presented within the pages of the Catechism is the Greek Orthodox interpretation of the relationship between God and man and the fundamental characteristics of the godhead. The ability to understand the godhead is underscored by the necessity of comprehending God’s purpose in the life of any individual and how developing a free and trusting bond can better prepare us for the eternal life to come.

The most common concept that arises across all cultures, periods of time and life situations is the desperate search for the answer to the question of what happens after this life of mortality, and to where do we hope that our loved ones have gone? Answering this query has been the task of many a wise and prudent man and woman, some having even climbed to the tops of tall mountains, and even still others trying to answer the question with a more scientific approach. The greek Orthodox conception of the timeline that God has for life after death is succinctly described within the pages of the Catechism and provides a great source of hope for any and all who desire a greater (or at least more popular belief in terms of religion) of what happens pertaining to life after death.

The premises of eternal life and eternal hell are additionally addressed in the Catechism, and offer a very traditional and perhaps somewhat simplistic view on the ideas of reward and punishment. Seeking the grace of Christ early on seems to be the best alternative to suffering in endless pain and in that way, the hope of reward seems like an enticing promise for those who are willing to trade giving in to temptation for eternal rejoicing in paradise. In this way,the Catechism of the Greek Orthodox church offers enlightening hope and spiritual sustenance to all who seek enlightenment within its pages.