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Eternal Life and Eternal Hell

It is often hoped that the ultimate destination for all people will be a haven from the trials and struggles and daily pains of this world. Members of the Greek Orthodox faith hold fast to the principles collected within the Catechism to direct them in all manners of conducting their behaviors daily within their individual spheres of influence. The goal is to achieve an eternal state of reward due to their personal recognition of their struggles and follies in this temporal life, and to access the mercy and power of Jesus Christ to allow them to enter into the Kingdom of God to find peace, joy and eternal bliss.

Due to the fact that the temptation to sin is so rampant in our human lives and hearts, the Greek Orthodox faith claims the belief that we are all darkened by original sin. This sin is the responsibility of each of us as we try to overcome the first transgression of the first parents on the earth, Adam and Eve. Should we continually choose to ignore the responsibility we have as individuals to turn again to God and bring forth good works and lives of holiness, we essentially are aiming ourselves on a sure path to hell and eternal pain.

Suggesting that there is an absence of hell, the enticing influences of the devil, and a necessity for pure moral conduct may initially seem to offer a logical and appealing out to the effort required to attain the blessings of Heaven. However, it is this premise that can threaten and eventually destroy the progress and happiness and lives of many hard-working individuals within the congregations of the Greek Orthodox church. The ability to recognize the violations of eternal commandments as dangerous to spiritual well being is predicated upon the initial determination to believe that there are fixed punishments and consequences for disobedience. In order to avoid any chance of ruining the relationship that has developed between God and one of His children, leaders within the Greek Orthodox faith seek to continue to preach and share his love and word in all manner of services and activities. It is crucial that members of all congregations believe that in fact Heaven can be achieved and great blessings come from making efforts every day to obedience and striving to become even more pure in heart and in deed. To faithful members of the Greek Orthodox Church of Canada, heaven is ever as real as hell.