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Beloved Leader in the Clergy, Kamelakis, Remembered as Loving and Dedicated

The dearest offering that can be readily accepted by all people and the Lord is the gift of a lifetime of dedicated and pure-hearted service. If anyone could be credited with yearning and doing everything to give the Lord a lifetime of grateful service, it would have to be Rev. Archmandrite John Stabros Kamelakis who lovingly gave nearly six full decades of his life to the work of the Lord. Even though he was born across the world on the small island of Crete, it seems that he was destined to make his way into the hearts and lives of people the globe over, and across some of the most tumultuous times in history that the world has ever seen.

Rev. Kamelakis was ever faithful in his attempts to establish new supporting programs for all of the parishes he served in. Within America, he spent many years of his life emphasizing the well-being of others and offering a level of compassion not often seen in the world today. He was the recipient of the ordination to the Priesthood at a time in the world where chaos reigned and uncertainty caused the faith of many to tremble. Beginning his more official portion of ministry in the middle of World War II was not in any way an easy task. To be sure however, it was a time where great spiritual leadership and direction was needed no matter where his work for the Lord found him.

Certainly, his experience and history as a member of a busy clergy of a large, international church afforded him many opportunities to work with people in all phases and walks of life. This was a rich experience afforded to very few, particularly at a time when many people only had the luxury of focusing on their own survival, and not on serving others across war-affected America and Canada. Rev. Kamelakis served with considerable patience and longsuffering to accomplish each task the Lord set before him, and also successfully reared a family in faith. His posterity and his care given to them over more than half a century add to the legacy that few are able to match, regardless of their motivation.

Although the Rev. Kamelakis has passed on to his immortal glory, it is still unmeasurable to this day the impact that each of his individual kindnesses and initiatives have had on the world, particularly within the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto and dozens of other associated parishes.