Unofficial website about Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto

Utilizing Online Directory Unites Parishes Across the Nation

Being able to offer the world a set of firm beliefs in the goodness of God and in all of his tender mercies and plans for his children, the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto takes this blessing and readily multiplies it by providing services and organization across Canada to meet the needs of parishioners and of all people who desire more direction in their pursuit of religious education.

Providing an online and easily accessible directory of the inter-woven ministries of the Greek Orthodox faith within Canada allows the faithful to seek out ecclesiastical leaders and to better connect with fellow believers beyond set parish boundaries. Monasteries are included in the list and provide places of spiritual learning and growth for members of the Greek Orthodox faith who yearn to have the opportunity to more fully dedicate their lives to God and his service beyond the opportunities available to regular parishioners.

Linked parishes and churches can be found across all Canadian provinces, proving that there is no distance so great that it cannot be overcome with a little bit of technology and friendship. Dozens of churches within the Greek Orthodox faith are bolstered by the sense of intertwined purpose and dedication that comes from being linked to a head church (all virtually equidistant from Greece and all just as needful of nourishment from the global leaders that often comes in the form of information via virtual transmission).

As Canada is a nation also divided into language sectors, the added struggle is overcome by the fact that the Parish Directory lists the specific leaders of each local parish and the fact that they have all received the same training can assure any inquiring personality that they will receive the same level of respect, ability in communication and skill from any spiritual leader contacted across the nation.

Occasionally, due to the remote locales of some of the parishes, a member of the clergy may have to provide service and leadership to more than one congregation. This fact is of course noted on the parish directory, but only adds to the awe of the reality of the self sacrifice and effort that is put in by each Greek Orthodox leader to provide opportunities for quality religious upliftment to any who seek it. The offer of solace and comfort is not strained by distance or any chance of disconnection so long as parishioners have ready access to the parish directory so they may seek out the aid and help and spiritual leadership that they need in times of hardship or self improvement.