Unofficial website about Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto

Online Parish Directory Guides Churches and Members Across Canada

Certainly not a stand alone church, the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto, Canada also relies on the interconnected strength of a global parish network. The parish directory provides a guide of refuge and ease of mind when both parishioners and leaders seek the help of other brothers and sisters united in the faith. With other like-minded churches that also receive direction and guidance from the main religious leaders in Greece, the Metropolis in Toronto is able to build up good works and a better reputation across the country as its members unite with others of the same faith and leadership across Canada.

On a smaller-scale, provincial unity is key for developing new programs and educational procedures for religion. Using the example of the Academy of religion that also connects to a local university for the purposes of receiving accreditation and the ability to bestow a genuine bachelor's degree, these foundational ideas are what drive forth the churches into a new century and time. Provincial leadership is directed at providing parishioners with the best of services as well as the best of individual care and attention, no matter the parish location or how far-flung it may be from the nearest big city. This is why parish leaders rely on the ability to connect with one another and learn from each other’s trials and experiences, leaning on guidance both from Greece and from local leaders in superior positions.

When trouble comes calling, as it will often and inevitably does for a leadership council of any church, who better to turn to than the experienced leaders who are much closer than Greece itself? Perhaps a new parish finds itself under the guidance of a new and inexperienced father or priest. When members find themselves struggling, and the priest needs more help than he has the experience to offer, within the Metropolis connected network (all based on the same fundamental principles and beliefs as dictated by holy leaders in Rome), he can easily find some assistance and the needed guidance to lead his sheep to better pastures and calmer waters.

The parish directory can also be a place for councils and groups to find eager participants for activities and missionary projects. It is comforting for many in very remote and isolated parts of Canada to know that they can simply get online and access the parish directory to find friends, manpower, and essentially homes away from home should they venture far or into more populated cities. By utilizing the parish directory, believers never have to risk losing faith or help wherever they may find themselves, and can be comforted anywhere, in any time of crisis.